After scratching ones brain for too many hours what one needs is peace and comfort. That can be gained where there is solace. And best place one can get peace and relaxation is in nature. In the lap of nature one can spend time in full happiness. Planting a garden or planting trees at home is needed. But in this new era houses are not so big that one can have a garden at home. In this instance, the best option is a terrace garden. A beautiful terrace garden with flowers at the top and a sitting place is a relaxing and enjoyable way to rebuild one's mind.

After coming home tired men can sit at their terrace garden and can enjoy sip of tea during the early morning or as the sun sets in the evening. Making a terrace garden is not such hard work. Gardening on your terrace can be great for enjoying time with your family, friends or just a place to hang out with yourself. Plants, grass, trees are always pleasing to the eye and refreshing. There is rarely an individual who does not enjoy a green environment. Where there are more plants more people will posses good health. Plants in natural settings help in keeping the mind and soul of a man happy and good. Nature is always kind and teaches us to be calm and patient. Wordsworth once said “Nature is man’s best friend.”

Using green building techniques in your home garden consists of a layout i.e. grass, shrubs, plants, trees, patio, fountains, decks and maybe a few solar lights, and possibly a water body. Vegetables grown within your terrace will be a good source of pride for you too. Even fruits can also be grown in certain climates. A well balanced terrace garden will make use of green building material, like bamboo. A list of good plants for a nice garden include different types of palms, money plants, a few flowering plants, sunflowers in containers and herb plants, like basil and rosemary. Exotic rose plants, preferably white and yellow ones, for they add touch of glamor. Vegetables, especially tomatoes, curry leaves, green chillies, lady finger, cauliflower, cabbage. Peas and green beans are good climbers and if placed nicely amidst other plants really make a fantastic look. Bonsai plants are also a good choice or plants with colored leaves.

One can also have lily or lotus plant in a terracotta pot or two, add cane, wrought iron, wicker or wooden benches, with floor cushions around, perfect place to unwind, relax or even throw a small party with friends. A garden implies beautiful flowers swaying all around in the gentle breeze. The green foliage peeping in between the bright colored flowers gives you a tranquil feeling that freshens your mind and soul. It includes Aloe Vera, Asparagus, Bamboos Vulgarism, Cardamom, Carioca Papaya, Hibiscus, Manjishta, Marigold, Mulberry, Jasmine, salad leaves, red roses, tulip, with green lawn at the center.

Green building and green gardens help keep the pollution away and imparts fresh air. The air which is important for all. Even if there is no time for walking one can always stroll in their garden, as walking on green carpet keeps one in general good health and is good for the eyes. For making terrace garden natural stone or concrete is good. One can also use granite and marble. There should proper drainage system. One reason the lowest layer in every garden should be bricks. Nature is always kind and it teaches human also to be kind and loving.

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