With the new Solar Powered Dimmer from ODL, homeowners can save more than 30 percent on energy bills. ODL ENERGY STAR-qualified Tubular Skylights, now with the Solar Powered Dimmer, are perfect for any room in the home where light is limited. Tubular skylights admit natural light into a room without causing “hot spots,” which are typically formed by traditional roof skylights. The Solar Powered Dimmer allows homeowners control over the amount of light entering through their tubular skylight. The ENERGY STAR Tubular Skylight also features the patented Solar Lens Dome, which gathers sunlight even during low-light hours in the morning, late afternoon, or during the winter, to maximize light into the tube. Additionally, the “two-piece” kit makes installation a snap.

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ODL Solar Powered Dimmer for Tubular Skylights


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