With the rising cost of energy and the need to conserve the planet’s precious resources, a sustainable home is becoming a highly favorable and more economical option.

So, if you are planning on building a home, incorporate sustainable principles on your home designs and house plans. There are many reliable home builders in Melbourne who will be pleased to assist you in achieving that goal. One of the most recognized green Melbourne home builders in Australia is Urbanedge homes.

Urbanedge Homes features Green homes which are known to demonstrate improved energy, resource and water efficiency which in turn reduces your household running costs and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

These eco friendly homes are designed to minimize the use of heating and cooling. Through careful solar orientation on the site, the sun’s energy is maximized throughout the year and natural ventilation methods are used to circulate air in and around the home. Effective insulation is used to prevent heat loss and heat gain through walls, roofs, and floors, whilst heat loss through windows is reduced through high-performance glazing.

As for your house interior and exterior designs, Urbanedge home builders guarantee that you will love your home and will stand out in your neighborhood. Their team of professional architects and designers will create modern home designs and house plans that fit your neighborhood block, lifestyle and budget.

If you also have ideas or designs you want to include in your home, Urbanedge will be happy to guide you through the process and assist you with the many things that need to be taken into consideration. They will help you select the exterior bricks, render and roof colors; doors and windows; flooring and all internal and external features as well as your home’s finishing touches.

Building a house with sustainable designs will not only help you achieve an environmentally responsible home that is cleaner and healthier for your family to live in, you will also be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with cheaper running costs.

Know more about Urbanedge green and affordable homes at or visit Urbanedge display homes in Melbourne.

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