Today, a good deal more people are more and more aware of the amount of energy they consumed every day and what effect it was having on our planet. If you are among these people and are looking for a way to help out with the environment and cut back on your energy usage, here are six simple steps to assisting you save on the amount of energy you use.
  1. 1. Turn off all of the lights in your home that you are not using, and can you do with less lights? For the next month try to making a genuine commitment to stick to it and compare your current utility bill with next month’s and see how much money you actually could save over the long term just by doing this simple adjustment.

    As a matter of fact your mother likely taught you to turn off the lights when you are not in a room, and mother always right. Even with low wattage bulbs, it can help to make a difference to keep them switched off when you are not using them.

  2. Replace your old thermostat with a digital programmable thermostat if your home does not have one. This way, you can set the thermostat to run the heat or air conditioning less when you are not at home, and then set the temperature to go back to comfortable levels just before you return home. If the system is not running all day it will cut back significantly on the amount of energy you use.

  3. Use solar power whenever you can. If you use outdoor lights, then switch these over to run on solar energy. You can also get a portable solar charger that can charge up small appliances like cell phones and laptops. While people mainly use these devices on the go, you can also routinely use them in the home as well.

  4. Cut down your hot water use. You can achieve this by using warm or even cold water to wash your clothes and hang up your clothes outside to dry, it will smell fresher too.

  5. Be sure all the bulbs in your home have been changed over to the low wattage compact fluorescents. The old style incandescent bulbs can almost triple your energy usage. Also, have outdoor lights with the capability to turn on at night and able to turn themselves off during the daylight hours. This way even if you forget to turn the light off it will not be operating all day.

  6. In the winter months, open your drapes on the sunny side of your house to let the sun in to warm your home, you will be amaze how much energy you could save. And naturally you do the opposite in the summer and close the drapes to keep the sun out.
Simply by utilizing these simple steps and you will be able to cut back on your energy consumption. Not only will you be working to save the environment, but you will also be reducing your utility bills as well.

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