Today there are more and more people who are interested in going green, and this is affecting the commercial real estate industry as well. Green building is becoming more and more popular as people begin to think more about environmental consequences when starting new commercial buildings. Those who are investing in commercial real estate today need to learn more about green building so that they have commercial properties that are attractive to buyers and tenants who want to go greener, even with their buildings. So, let's take a look at environmentally conscious building and some of the benefits out there today for investors that cater to this movement.

Things to Look for in a High Performance Commercial Building
First of all, you'll want to know what to look for in high performance real estate, or green buildings. You'll find that these types of commercial buildings are great for the environment by being very energy efficient. They also have low long term and short term life cycle costs. These buildings are also healthy for the people that occupy them and they have very little environmental impact as well. Because they offer all these things, they also attract tenants that are very desirable, which can provide investors with excellent returns.

The Cost Factor
While there are many investors that think that green building is going to be expensive, you'll actually find that the cost can often be about the same or even lower than other types of building. Research has shown that buildings that are built without a high environmental impact, and that are LEED-certified, actually are built with no additional costs. In some cases, these buildings are even constructed with lower costs than standard buildings. So, actually, you can save money when you decide to go with green building.

Green Building Features
There are a variety of different green building features that you should be aware of. This way you can include them in the buildings you are planning or the buildings that you invest in. First of all, you'll find that there are features for energy conservation, including efficient lights and insulation. Also, many buildings feature solar energy utilization as well. Water conservation is also featured in many of these commercial real estate properties that are built green. They often use recycled materials and material selection that will provide great indoor air quality. Other features include avoiding environmental destruction on the site, reducing waste during construction, avoiding the use of compounds that damage the ozone, and even a recycling provision for those in the building.

Incentives Given to Builders
Green building is becoming very popular among investors in commercial real estate, and one reason is that great incentives are given to builders today by the government. In many cases, fast track and financial incentives are given out if builders meet the LEED standards. So, it really can pay off to care about environmental consequences of commercial building.

Buyers Support Going Green
You'll also find today that more and more buyers support going green. Green building is very popular today and buyers in the United States and even buyers around the world are very supportive of environmental protection. In fact, they support it enough that they are willing to pay a bit more money for it. So, not only are the green buildings better for the environment, and often cheaper to build, but they can also sell for more money to buyers who find it important to protect the environment.

As the popularity of going green begins to rise, it is time that commercial real estate investors get on board. Green buildings are a great way to go that not only help to save the environment and make the world a better place to live, but also to bring savvy investors more profits as well.

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