Sustainable Renovation

Sustainability; the biggest challenge that interior design is facing in these present times, in times where growth is accompanied with consequences that concerns environment. The industry is up to generating a more sustainable interior design that would complement the modern standards.

Innovation is now making its way in renovation. The designs are on the process of reborn, the concerns with regards to materials to be used and the progression involved are all facing sizable considerations.

Trend would be the best terminology to describe this process. What would be the most ideal interior design trend for today? Interior designs that are ecologically concern and friendly, that is what the industry is after for.

The materials and the process are the two important things where focus is expected to be set to. The materials used for renovation or designing are now diverged into something natural or those so called “indigenous”, materials which can easily be found and does not require too much use of chemical ingredients that would contribute for any possible pollution. The approach would be more relaxing, refreshing and nature-inspired.

The process on how to generate the design is also hot. Interior designers are now up to a deep process of conceptualization on how they would be able to save more resources during installation progression.

Marcella Enriquez; an interior designer Los Angeles specializing in commercial interior design said that the move of the interior design industry is one way of showing its full support on minifying the effects of the global environmental dilemma.

“If we would be able to impart to our clients the importance of our environment, they will learn to appreciate it and there starts their concerns. At least on our small little ways we were able to give our part” she said.

Innovating interior design will still continue, as long as it is seen that it is needed. For once the interior design is after a more sustainable way of living.

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