Floor sanding is an excellent method to transform a room or rooms in a house where old wooden floors have been hidden under carpets. Wooden floors can be restored to their natural beauty making them a feature of the house, and actually increasing the value of your property in many instances. There are various necessary stages that a floor sanding london company will do such as block sanding, the replacement of damaged boards, repairing any cracks, dents or stains and refinishing the floor in laquer, oil or wood stain. Depending on how warm you want the room to feel or if you prefer to go for a light and airy look, there are numerous choices of stains available to suit your chosen finish.

So although many people choose the option of floor sanding for the potential beauty they can achieve with this method, some people are also aware and influenced by the sustainability of their choice.

From a health perspective there is more and more infomation coming to light about the potentially unhealthy effects of carpets and PVC flooring, both of which are two of the most popular choices in Great Britain. In the case of carpets they are a comfortable home for dust which in turn means a build up of dust-mite allergen as well as pet allergena dn also toxic pollutants. PVC holds toxic pollutants also. Animal owners will especially appreciate the issues with carpets as anyone who has had a puppy or kitten will remember the very difficult to destroy stench that remains in a carpet, therefore illustrating how easily other unhealthy things could continue to reside there!

It is indeed a good thing that awareness is growing especially for those with young families who do not need their children to suffer unnecessary health complaints which could be eliminated by taking up the old carpet and deciding to have a floor sanding company in to do the job. One organisation that is championing the awareness cause is the Healthy Flooring Network, which is a group who are concerned about allergies, asthma and other health issues potentially affected by certain types of flooring.

Of course apart from the health sustainability of floor sanding there is the environmental and cultural sustainability to consider. It does not require a lot of common sense to realise that when you take up your old carpets and restore the wooden floor below you are of course recycling. Bearing in mind these days that 80% of our ancient forests have already been destroyed and our remaining 20% is under serious threat from illegal logging. On top of this there are approximately 1.6 billion people who depend on these forests for their livelihood. In case this was not enough to convince you there are the serious effects of de-forestation, with the loss of bio-diversity which is continually adding to the worldwide climate changes.

Floor sanding can add value to your home, while letting you and your family feel healthier living in a cleaner environment. You should also sleep better at night, partly due to a lighter, clearer concscience but also the air quality in your home will be improved, as these floors are then easily maintained and cleaned.

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