Building A Solar Powered Home

When you are considering building a solar powered home, you will be joining a legion of home owners who have decided to go green. A solar powered home takes its energy requirements entirely from a renewable energy source - the sun. You will not be locking into the local power grid. Which means you won't be saddled with high energy costs at the end of the month since solar energy is essentially free.

However, despite these advantages, there are still many people who are prevented from using solar energy in their home because of what they perceive to be the potentially high cost of installing solar panels. You can build a house that runs on solar energy pretty cost effectively. Here are a few factors to consider that will be a low cost way of building a solar powered home.

1. Getting the right materials
One of the best ways to cut down the cost of building your proposed 'green' home is to locate the right materials for the right cost. Get on over to your local hardware store and look for the materials that will turn your home into a solar powerhouse. Ask the store clerk if they sell any copper flashing. You'll need these to build low cost solar panels. Once you get the copper flashing, you will have to heat it for more than 30 minutes. This will oxidize the copper flashing. Next, place the two oxidized panels together with copper flashing that's not been treated. Then pour a solution of salt water on the copper flashing and enclose the materials in a glass panel that's sturdy. This is the solar panel prototype that you will use.

2. Place your panels in sunlight
The next thing you've got to do is place your panels in sunlight. The more sunlight hits your panels the better will be the energy that you get. Hence building a solar powered home largely depends on the location of the solar panels. You should ideally install the solar panels on the roof of your home. Fix the wiring as well so that you can get electricity to the appliances in your home.

You should contact a custom home builder to identify all the important factors when you want to go solar. When you hire a home design consultant that's well versed in sustainable home building, you will be building a solar powered home cost efficiently.

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