Furniture with Recycled Materials
It has become evident that our lifestyles can either have a negative or positive impact on the environment. With dwindling natural resources and our environment becoming increasingly more contaminated with pollutants, more people are now choosing lo live in a way that has the least negative impact on the planet. One such way is furnishing our homes with furniture constructed of recycled materials. Many people are even choosing to build furniture using recycled materials. If you are going to build small furniture, there are numerous recycled materials that that can be used.

The following are a number of tips to build your own small furniture with recycled materials:
  1. When purchasing wood, use wood that has been certified sustainable wood. This is wood that comes from forests that practices sustainable harvesting. This ensures that you are not buying wood from companies that practices clear cutting. As well, wood such as bamboo is a popular green choice as bamboo grows back quickly so the forests are not being depleted when bamboo is harvested. Although bamboo is a grass, it can be made into flooring, shaped into furniture, and made into window blinds. Most bamboo growers do not use pesticides.
  2. Another method of making furniture is acquiring second hand furniture. You can strip the furniture, apply non toxic stains and paints as well make any repairs. Once completed, you will have a piece of furniture such as a dresser, desk, chair, and table that looks brand new. By reusing and recycling old furniture, you are contributing to the reduction of pollution and green office furniture going into the atmosphere due to large manufacturing practices of new furniture. It is important to look for furniture that is strong and long lasting. As well, look for furniture that is durable and fixable.
  3. Building furniture using reclaimed material is another way to help the environment. Reclaimed wood usually comes from industry left over wood, old furniture, wood from buildings and houses, or flawed wood that cannot be used by a manufacturer. You can use this wood to build just about any type of small furniture that can include chairs, tables, bed frames, desks, dressers, and much more. Small furniture made from reclaimed wood is an energy conserving and forest protecting way of building.
  4. Using recycled metal and plastic is a great way to build small furniture. Metal and plastic can be used for furniture legs, the backing to a seat, and for constructing patio tables and chairs.
Brand new industrial produced furniture contains harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are hazardous to one's health. The toxic off-gasses that are released into the air in one's home have been linked to health conditions such as cancer, and birth defects. As well, flame retardants and formaldehyde are common hazardous off-gasses released from new furniture. It is important to be aware of toxins and chemicals that can be present in the air of our homes. Building small furniture made out of recycled materials is one way we can help the environment and reduce the amount of toxins in our homes.

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